Chinese Vase bought at estate sale

by Chris
(Wilmington NC)

Found this vase at an estate sale today and think I may have found a treasure. It is a mix between bone china and porcelain and depicts the four seasons. Each side has chinese writing in black lettering and a red seal at the end of each description. It is 4.5" in diameter at opening and stands 11" tall and 4" on the base. No dings or cracks. In incredible shape. Any help identifying the year in which it was made and if it may have some value would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!

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by: James

From the name on the base I suspect a Japanese origin. The decoration style is also not typical for Chinese. Does look to have some age. Can't give more info, sorry.

by: peter

This looks like it were either Japanese or a more recent Chinese product. Cannot help with non-antique or Japanese items. Maybe someone else knows this?

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