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chinese vase ?

this item was amongst the chinese items i was given ,i had more but sold them on e bay ,one went for 100 pounds ,i was told not to put anything else on there until i know what they are ,it is 8 inches tall

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Mar 18, 2011
Mottled Green Vase w/Ruffled Top
by: Vickie

I would guess by the detail in the ruffled top and the mottled green/blue glaze that it might by Fulper, Weller or Stangel maybe. I would look into one of the higher end potteries before you sell. Of course the chip will hinder the price even if it is a unmarked Fulper. I cannot ever remember seeing a Fulper vase with that form top. The colors and glaze are similar but I by no means am an expert. Good luck !

Feb 28, 2011
chinese vase
by: peter

Hi, I don't recognize the vase shape as something antique. It probably is vintage or more recent.

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