Chinese Teapot

by Carolyn

Hello Peter
As promised, another piece from the same estate. This has what I've researched and found to be Guangxu?....hopefully, I'm not far off on that mark. Again, this is another case of not knowing the age exactly. I do believe it is 20th century, but your input is always appreciated far more than you will ever know. It was labeled as a teapot, and I'm curious if that is what it is. It is all handpainted and I believe the colors to be that of famille rose. Hopefully I'm not too far off target on that. It's about 8 inches tall. Mark is under the glaze.

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Thank you
by: Carolyn interesting...any guess as to when this fantasy might have been crafted? is from the same estate sale...and there were other items that I purchased that I'm familiar with that did have's a hodge podge...I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your input..

Many such fakes were made in the last twenty of thirty years.

by: peter

I don't think this was used as a teapot. The mark is a Ming dynasty, Jiajing reign mark. Probably apocryphal.
This is the first time I see this shape in a place other than an auction or museum catalog. As far as I know this shape was originally made for the court and it was not produced for other people. I also believe that it was made as Falangcai enamel, which was painted exclusively at a workshop inside the palace premises, nowhere else. I stand to be corrected, but this is based on memory. This is not the type of enamel it should be.
As this shape appeared only in the Qing dynasty, Qianlong reign, I believe, we have several problems.
A spurious Ming mark on a Qing dynasty item, that is decorated in a way it shouldn't be.
I'm afraid this is a fake.

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