chinese teapot with dragon

by daniels
(the netherlands)

Hello Peter, could you please tell me what the mark on the bottom means ?
Ans possibly the age of the teapot.
It is handpainted, but to me it seems not old.
Thank you for resding

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chinese teapot with dragon
by: daniels

Hello Peter, thank you for your quick and clear answer, ( again )

by: peter

Yes, this is new.
In addition I think this is a very low quality fake. Possibly, this isn't even Chinese. The dragon and the top and bottom rim decoration show that the painter had no idea how to paint these (for example, he/she was copying without understanding the essential shape of a Chinese dragon, etc.).
In addition the mark is copied from a real Chinese mark, but it is obvious that the person drawing it had no idea of Chinese character writing.
Some fakes are made in SE Asia, and this could be one of them.

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