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Chinese Spoons

by Geena G
(United Kingdom)

chinese spoon 1

chinese spoon 1

My 12 year old son was given some spoons by a relative who was clearing out her attic and this has sparked his interest in starting a collection.

However, we have no idea how new or old these items are - as far as we know they could be mass-produced and have no history or worth, other than being really pretty.

Can anyone help and maybe point us n the right direction to find out more on the spoons?

Thank you.


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Nov 11, 2010
Chinese spoons
by: Geena G

Thanks for your help Peter.

We are going to go to the library and see what books we can find about Chinese porcelain and visit some auctions too - very keen to begin a little collection.

Nov 10, 2010
china spoons
by: peter

Hi Geena,
I see a lot of porcelain like the right one, it is new or relatively recent. The mark is a bit small but seems to say that it was made in Jingdezhen, China. I guess it is at the most a few decades old. Within 50 years, I would say. Such spoons are still produced.

The one on the left has a company mark. Remarkable is that the characters run top down, left to right, while traditionally this should be top down, right to left. This is an indication that it is not old. The painting style would also fall into about the same timeframe as that of the other spoon.

Hope this helps.

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