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Chinese Shipwrecked bowl

by Garrett
(Kansas City)


Found this bowl at an antique store. The guy there let me take pictures to show you. He has it priced at 145 dollars so I want to make sure I'm not wasting my money. Love all the advice. Thanks Peter.


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by: peter

Hi Garrett,

For 145 dollars you get better items on Ebay, if you know which sellers sell genuine items.
This is at the most Qing dynasty, I would think, but I would reconsider.

What you have is a blue and white item that is crudely painted, made for the common people. These items have only limited collecting value, and even less monetary value. With monetary value I mean that the value is unlikely to appreciate over time, as most other antiques do. These items are too common. They are not even listed in the books from China I own, and which list the more simple blue and white porcelain items. Items like this bowls are more often than not bought by inexperienced collectors; I did so too when I started out, but I wouldn't spend my money on such items now.
For collecting I would suggest you start with export porcelain, as it is generally more aesthetically appealing and of better quality than such crude wares. Chinese export porcelain for Europe is easier to find online and generally of better quality. I now take the attitude that something that is old, even if it is very old, isn't necessarily worth collecting.
Some items are good for museum collections, but not necessarily for a private collection.
I find certain sellers on Ebay a safer and easier alternative to find quality items that are genuine, than buying in antique shops, especially if you are not able to recognize the more common genuine items. (I can provide more info, if necessary.) Many of the real items are located in the countries from which the European East India Companies were operating from, in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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