Chinese red bat vase identification

by Maurice Turner

Could someone help with the identification of a vase as pictured. The vase is approx 17" high and 8" diameter. It is decorated with very well executed and balanced red bat symbols over the entire exterior surface.
The body of the vase is white internally with the inner throat coloured turquoise blue. The outer body is a light green colour and the entire external body and coloured throat is very finely crackled. When examined with a 7 power magnification the cracking seems to be under the red bats in the green glaze but not in the red bat colour which leads me to believe that the body was fired at least twice.

I am an interested but amateur collector of chinese ceramics and would appreciate any assistance anyone could offer

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by: peter

What you have seems to be a 20th century item (second half) of unknown manufacture, I'm afraid. It has a fake Qianlong mark. The mark characters look like a printing font. Colors and bat painting style are not found in traditional porcelain. The foot is different from normal traditional shapes.

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