chinese pottery

by Simmone

Hello Peter,

I would like to have your opinion concerning this piece of porcelain. I am not sure about its origin and how old is it, despite of my researches. This sort of blue colour is a chinese particularity? Could be this kind of bottom a sign of age or just a bad quality of an ordinary chinese product? I found the pot in a small village, it was not bought from specialized sellers.

And, from another point of view, could you tell me (or us, I think many will be interested)something about the symbol of the nine four-clawed dragons? Have you frequently seen chinese vases decorated in that manner? I have a tall blue-white vase, with nine dragons in relief, I think is a vintage one, but I did not find a similar one. I will show you some photos in the future.
Thank you in advance.
I really appreciate your effort and I am very grateful for your help.

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chinese pottery
by: peter

The color and unglazed bottom could point to late Qing dynasty. Difficult to tell what it could be for, however. There are some censers with this shape, also some herb containers (would mean the lid is missing). And yes, the unglazed bottom appears sometimes on items from the Qing dynasty. This is porcelain, not pottery, despite its color.

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