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Chinese porcelan

by Zoran
(Belgrade, Serbia)

Canton 12-13c ? - side 1

Canton 12-13c ? - side 1

Yesterday I tried to send some pictures but unsuccessfully .
I am sending them again.
In late 60 ties, in Belgrade vas held Chinese exebition. Experts have found all my plates genuine. Unfortunately, glue of all the stickers with dates and locations, which was on each plate has dried and fallen of. Only this one with mark Canton is left without any other information(6,1 - 6,2).
Please try to identify them - if pictures are enough to give you proper guidelines.
If it is possible to know how much they are rare or even better what might, eventually, be at the moment, price range.

Thank you in advance,

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by: peter

The second one looks more like Qing dynasty to me, the first one not sure. Either late Ming or Qing dynasty, probably.
I'm afraid I cannot tell you much about these as we only occasionally see such wares; these are usually made over long periods of item by non-mainstream kilns and are items for the common people, made in provincial kilns, usually.

old bowls
by: peter

Hi, there are three bottoms but only one top view. The only bottom I can see clear enough is the second one.
Can you try to upload more images with additional submissions? The decoration, a side view showing the shape and a close-up picture of the bottom may help evaluating this better.

The items all look old, but from when and where they are is difficult to tell with only these bottom pictures. The only picture showing the blue/white decoration looks as if it as well could be from Vietnam. I do not recognize the rim decoration. Maybe shape and decoration of the other items may provide clues.

You can also upload the pictures on Photobucket or another picture site and post the link. They allow posting pictures of larger size.

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