Chinese Porcelain

by Joe
(Sydney Australia)

I hope you can see the photos clearly about this Chinese Porcelain, two segments.
This seal shows it is from the Yongzheng Period in Qing Dynasty. The decoration shows Eight Immortals Crossing The Harbour, which is a famous story in ancient China.
But, I need you to tell me if it is authentic or not. My young brother bought it in China and gave it to me. By the way, what is the value?
I wish you a Happy New Year!! Thank You Very Much Peter!

Kind Regards,

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by: Joe


看了你的回信使我大吃一惊,你说你的新年是二月十号,在台湾,那你无疑是中国人.(或台湾人) 这太有意思了,我们几乎都认为你是英国人,住在伦敦或世界什么地方,留看长胡子,戴着一副老花镜,坐在台灯前,拿着放大镜在研究中国瓷器.真是万万没有想到你是中国人,难怪你对中国瓷器了如指掌.借此机会向你作揖,拜你为师.

焦 悉尼 澳大利亚

我不是中国人,我是瑞士人。 而且我不是什么“师傅”或“大师“,只是个普通的收藏家。 希望我的网站可以帮助别人比较容易进入瓷器收藏领域。 我设立网站是因为当初我没人叫我怎么看瓷器的真假和老新,所以知道多难学习相关的知识。 希望新收藏家不用那么辛苦。

祝你新年快乐 :-)

Porcelain And Tea
by: Joe

Hi Peter;

I received your very valuable comment for many times so far. How can I thank you? Can you tell me your address? It doesn't matter if you can't. But, I will send you a tin of Chinese tea for you. You know about Chinese Antique Porcelain very goodly and you must like Chinese tea as well! Cheers for the next new year with a cup of tea!

Thanks for the good intention, Joe. I can have Chinese tea everyday as I live in Taiwan. :-)
Basically, my New Year will be February 10th (Lunar New Year) although they celebrate both, January 1st and the Chinese New Year now, here...

All the Best

porcelain item
by: peter

Hi Joe,
Looks like a lamp shade to me, for putting a candle inside.
I'm afraid this is not Yongzheng, the mark and foot rim look as if it were 20th century. There is no close-up picture of the faces, but the painting style of the people (eight immortals, probably) also gives the impression of a more recently made item. Overall, this does not look old at all. Hope your brother didn't buy it as an antique, for a high price.

A Happy New Year Joe!

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