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chinese porcelain


I have a vase and a cap jar--blue and white (greyish now with crackle and tiny pimple all over.)The rim of the base is rough. It has been pass down from an English side of the family.

The mark at the bottom is the same with both.The bottom of the rim is rough.

Is it real or fake? What is the period? Never since one of the type before.

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May 24, 2011
vase and temple jar
by: bing

Hi Peter, thank you for giving me a start--fangge style.

However I and took a magnifying glass to it and discovered what I thought is grey is actually tiny tiny speckle of brownish spots all over. So looking at it more closely it no longer looks grey but brown background.

Something strange is that the painting of the two pots leave a few blank space behind. Both pots are about 9 inches high.

Both painting on the pot and vase tell the same story with the same characters but faces differently -- one same character faces right on the jar and the same character on the jar faces left.

May 23, 2011
by: peter

This is a vase and temple jar in Fangge style.
Fangge style is a style imitating the Ge wares made in the Song dynasty. They always have crackles.
They are made even now, it seems. Many have spurious "Chenghua Nianzhi" marks, even the antique ones from the late Qing dynasty.
The last character of the mark is written wrongly on both items. That may not mean anything, though. I've heard that the kiln employed (employs?) artisans with little or no formal education, who could not write properly. With other marks that I have seen the whole mark was an illegible humble jumble, but they still were genuine antiques.

I have not seen your specific style before. The footrim/bottom show that the items have some age. The tone of the blue looks very dark. This could point to the late Qing dynasty.
I would guess it to be either late Qing or early republic period.

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