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Chinese porcelain

by Mus

Hi Peter. Can you tell me about this porcelain?

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Oct 02, 2010
jar with lid
by: peter

Hello Mustafa,
I just had a look at the pictures and enlarged faces to check the painting style.
I'm afraid this is a 20th century fake.

My conclusion is based on the painting of the faces and the mark, as well as the bottom.

1. The mark mentions a man named Tang Ying who was the court's overseer of the imperial kiln in Jingdezheng during the Qing dynasty.
If it really was his mark, this would mean it is imperial ware, or top quality porcelain equal to imperial ware, but quality of this piece would not be good enough for this.

The person writing the marks at the imperial kiln would have been a top professional in writing marks on porcelain - also top in calligraphy. But again, this style is not good enough. Emperor Yongzheng is mentioned in the mark(s), but Yongzheng marks, imperial or not, are generally written in a better style. Further, the three "seal" marks in the center are written quite badly, including their frames.

2. Faces: eyes and general head painting was quite different in the Yongzheng and the following Qianlong reigns (18th century).
Generally the faces look more like 20th century painting.

3. The bottom doesn't quite look right to me for the 18th century.

Oct 02, 2010
Link to this photo
by: Mustafa A

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your time to look at my porcelain. Below is the link to the photo.


Oct 01, 2010
jar with lid
by: peter

From these pictures it is difficult to tell anything. Can you provide images with better resolution? Best were if there was also a side view, detail images with good resolution showing persons faces closely, a picture of the bottom and inside.
If it is difficult to upload such images from the submission form, you could place them on the Internet (Flickr, etc.) and post the link here.


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