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Chinese Porcelain Vase

by Laurie
(Tampa, FL ,USA)

I not sure about this vase can you give me a little more info on it. Who the artist may be. I have added pics of all the marking.

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Aug 30, 2010
by: Laurie

Im not finding any info on this. Can you tell me where I could find some, and how to find the value. Thanks

Hi again,
You will not find much information on the company on the Internet. In fact, even in Chinese there is little more than a website mentioning the company, and I believe it was a culture related website belonging either to the Taiwanese government or some organization.
Zhonghua Taoci (Gongsi) is translated as China Porcelain (Company) or Chinese Porcelain (Company). There are lots of newer outfits which use the name Zhonghua Taoci now.

Personally, I think you will have to wait a few decades until the vase has any "value" other than sentimental one.
Some Taiwanese will collect it, but it is too young in the perspective of Chinese porcelain to be valuable, even if it is handpainted, I'm afraid.

Aug 29, 2010
by: peter

Hi Laurie,
The mark shown is a "Zhonghua Taoci" mark. This means that the vase probably is vintage. Zhonghua Taoci was a well-known porcelain factory in Taiwan in the 20th century, which has now been defunct for a couple of decades. It also has been in existence for a couple of decades only.

As far as I know they were making mainly vases with handpainted decorations.

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