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chinese porcelain kendi

by mona
(beirut lebanon)

HI Peter,I took some close ups pix with my home camera. the porcelain is not dull. the flash doesn't help to catch the brightness of the is handpainted and feel very smooth to the hand.the yellow layer,I believe is what ever they used in the old days to stick it back together and this is what is making a thin yellowish layer with the time.I think if I take a smooth scraper I could remove it. should I?Thank you for your kind comments.Mona

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Jan 18, 2011
chinese porcelain kendi
by: mona

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your valuable input. I will try to scratch off this yellow layer gently. I will tell you about the result with pix.Best Mona

Jan 18, 2011
kendi color and repair
by: peter

Repairs never have that color. And the glue will never cover the surface. Mostly it is transparent, but if an incorrect glue was used, it may become yellow. However, there is no need to smear it all over.

Also, this is not an old repair. Old repais never used glue. The used staples, like the one shown here:
Staple repairs are the only old form of repairing cracks.

I am concerned that the surface was smeared or covered with something intentionally. Without looking at the actual item it is difficult to tell, though.
Please be aware that fake repairs, fake damage, dirt and smearing, etc. is an often used ruse to disguise fakes.
And, if it isn't a fake, I'm afraid that this degree of smearing may lower the value. I've been thinking that it could be yellow crackles, but this degradation looks more serious than a repaired break, I'm afraid.

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