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chinese plates

by John

Hi Peter,
some weeks ago I have send a couple of pics of chinese plates,with a question concerning the text.
I had no time to answer on your question,if there were two plates.
there are indeed two plates,and I will send a picture from the backside.
the photograph is not very clear,but according to me it is mark of Daoguang.
Is this an original mark of Daoguang or a fake one.

I have two other objects where I want know something of ,but I send them as a new posting.(if it is not too much trouble for you)

Regards John,

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Jan 16, 2011
chinese plates
by: peter

Hi John,
The decoration on the top of the plates look as if the plates were late Qing dynasty.
I checked a few characters that look like simplified Chinese characters (which was used only since the 2nd half of the 20th century). Contemporary Chinese fakers sometimes inadvertently use simplified characters within the traditional characters, thus exposing their items as fakes. But, I found that all seems to be in order in this respect.

The underside concerns me somewhat, though. First, I cannot read the mark at all. The character style used in marks sometimes expose modern fakes. Further, few Daoguang zhuanti character marks have a frame. Actually, among more than two dozen Daoguang marks in one of my books only one has a frame.
The decoration on the underside as well as the shape of the foot rim (it looks round in these pictures) are also a matter of concern. I think closeup pictures of parts of these would be necessary for further inspection, and also of the bottom as a whole.

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