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Chinese Plate

by Mike

My brother bought this from a European antique dealer in the 80's. The dealer bought it in the 60's in England. Any help identifying the mark and plate would be appreciated. The mark is under-glazed, incised, and very difficult to see. We both tried to enhance it and came up with different marks for the lower right-hand corner. I have attached the original mark + the 3 enhanced marks as well as the front of the plate. Thanks for any and all help. We both believe it is Qing dynasty, probably around the late 1800's or early 1900's, but we're trying to narrow it down as close as possible for insurance purposes.

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chinese plate
by: peter

Cannot read the single character mark for sure.
You could upload a picture of the bottom and foot rim for evaluation, but basically this is a 20th century item if it is Chinese.
Painting style, colors used, as well as the rim decoration are all not traditional Chinese. This time of real-world styles were almost unknown in China before foreign influences changed painting styles. This could be at the most 1940s or 50s, probably a factory product. There was a factory producing decorations of a similar style at the time, but not sure if it is from them. If it weren't for the mark, it could as well be Japanese.
My personal view.

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