chinese plate

by rangeet

please can you tell me about this plate and this mark

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plate and mark
by: peter

By flipping the image we could read the mark. It says "Qing Qianlong Zhi".
Qing is the dynasty name and Qianlong the emperor's reign name.
With antiques the mark would either be "Qianlong Nianzhi" (a four character mark meaning "made in the Qianlong years", or "Daqing Qianlong Nianzhi" (a six character mark), meaning "made during the Qianlong years of the Great Qing".
This mark is written in colloquial Chinese, as we would use it today.

In my view this (mark) alone makes it a fake. I couldn't imagine a mark like this in the Qing dynasty. My personal view.

by: peter

Sorry, but these pictures are unusable for any evaluation. Pictures should be taken under daylight to allow for true colors, and show details clearly.
The mark looks as if it is a mirror image. Does not look like a regular mark.

Does this item have any color glaze? If the bottom is unglazed, and the decoration is a color glaze, then this is most than likely not authentic.

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