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Chinese Plate - MILLE FLEURS - Qing

by Ken
(Sydney, Australia)



I found this plate in the local rubbish dump. It is in immaculate condition. The background is of gold colouring with the flowers and fruit in the foreground with main central flower. I was wondering if this item was of any value however small.

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by: Jen

Hi All

I have two similar plates but with he number 5 underneath the mark.

Mine are covered in flowers on a gold background.

Can anyone give me any info please : )


about your plate
by: Yee D. Zheng

Hello Ken,
Run into this thread by chance and just add one comment.
What a crime and idiocy it is to throw such a beautiful plate into rubbish dump! how much time it takes an artist to decorate it and it may require multiple firing at 1200 degrees C due to that different dolor glazes may need different temperature. Many pieces may break during the repeated firing process. To have such a perfect plate just takes so much!
This plate probably can fetch $20-$30 U.S. on ebay currently, and if it's in a good gift or antique shop, may get around $50 U.S. If you do not have to sell it, hold on and enjoy it, in 50 years it will worth much more, as complicated handpainted pieces will gradually phase out of production in China from destructive forces of capitalistic machine production, and already made ones get hungrily collected by huge rising newly rich and middle class...

Let's all condemn foolish negligence and destruction of art by fools who do not know to appreciate and cherish beauty and artist's work and fruits of civilization like this gorgeous plate!

Best wishes

Yee D. Zheng
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

Plate #1
by: Charlene

I see your plate has the number 4 on it. I just found #1 and I live in Canada.

Chinese Plate - MILLE FLEURS - Qing
by: Sal Kahil

Plate with "mille fleure"-decoration. Zhong Guo Chao Cai - "Enameled ware from Chao Zhou, China". The area is North West of Guangdong area, previously better know as part of Swatow. Late 20th century.

Mille Fleurs
by: Ken

After a bit of searching, I have found somebody else enquiring about a similar plate.

Response 1: "The decoration looks like what I've previously seen on a few "Made in Macau" and "Made in China" vintage porcelains that I believe were produced a few years before or after World War II. However, the mark isn't entirely familiar. This seal script is my bane, though the first two characters on the right read "Zhongguo" (China), and the third one at top left resembles "Chao" (Tide or Flow). I'm undecided about the last one. This dish doesn't appear from the pictures to be entirely hand-decorated, so can be ruled out as an antique".

Response 2: "Your platter is Chinese. You could call it "modern Swatow" because it was made in Chao Zhou, part of the former Swatow area. The mark reads; "Zhong Guo Chao cai" (China, enameled ware from Chao(Zhou)..... or something like that). Age..... 30/40 years".

Here is the link to the site in question.

Mille fleur plate
by: peter

I can't help with value, I'm afraid. This is vintage at the most. I don't know the mark, but could be from made in Hong Kong or Macao as well. Maybe someone else knows this type of product.
I have seen similar decorations that were made in the 1940s and later. It could be second half of 20th century. Is it hand-painted?

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