chinese pattipan ,bowl

by daniels

Hello Peter,
i bought a pattipan on a fleemarket , and would like to know if you can see what age it is.
Thank you ( again)
Best Regards, Leidie

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Part of set
by: Snap

Your dish would have been part of a set of 5 of same shape that when put together would form full circle. There would have been a small dish for the center. Used for serving sweetmeats/small food items.

pattipan or bowl
by: leidie

Hello Peter,
thank you for the information,
best regards, Leidie

by: peter

This is Japanese. I can't help much with this, but the Mark mentions the kiln and a name. The kiln is "Hichozan". I cannot give you the reading of the name characters, though. Seems to have some age, but cannot tell how old for sure.

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