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Chinese Painted and Glaze Vase

by Lee

Markings On Base

Markings On Base

I picked this Vase up togther with some other Items I have bought.

I would like to know if anyone can give me a second opinion on the Markings on the Base, I think I know what they could be, although I would not like to say at this time, until someone else thinks the same as maybe myself, and if this could be genuine.

Please could anyone give their opinion too, any further information they would like to add.

Kind Regards


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Apr 05, 2011
chinese vase
by: peter

This is a fake antique of rather low quality.
A yellow ground was reserved for the palace, and making anything with yellow ground could have meant death for the painter during much of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Not to speak that imperial wares would have been of much, much higher quality.
There is a Ming Wanli mark that is probably spurious.

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