Chinese oval tiles

by Otto Andersen

Hello, Peter
My first question goes on some Chinese, oval “tiles” (I have 3) - definitely porcelain. The glaze is shiny with only few signs of wear. The motives (animals and flowers) is painted over-glaze, all colors (except red) are enamel-like and glossy. Thickness is 6-7 mm. Backside is unglazed and have no marks or signs. They are purchased in China in the period 1886 – 1946 (eventually Japan -?). I have always been told that they were decorations from chair-backs, but I have never seen Chinese chairs including porcelain pictures on their backs.
Do you have any idea of age, use and origin?
Thank you for this great site!

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by: peter

Looks like a plaque for wall or table decoration to me. Generally said, antique plaques are more difficult to find. I don't think this was used on a chair.
A few enlarged details of the decoration and back could help with identification. If it is Chinese, it could be late Qing, judging from the uneven surface of the glaze.

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