chinese or japanese vase

by daniels
(the Netherlands)

Hello Peter,
Could you look at these pictures of my vase ?
i think this an old one, but i need your oppinion again .
On one side it has a landscape with trees houses and people,
on the other side 11 little X .
It has little brown spikles all over it.
Thank you for reading !

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chinese or japanese vase
by: daniels

hello Peter,
i am sure you are right, to me it looks old, but i am no expert :-)
all the things you say about the vase, are true
roughly painted, and very many spots.
It might be made to look old,
thank you very much !

by: peter

Hi Leidie,
I'm a bit reluctant to classify this as antique as it is very crudely painted, and the tone of the blue is a bit different from what it should be.
Basically, this type of decoration is very common and was used at least since the mid-18th century to the late Qing dynasty. As mentioned above, from the crude work I have some doubts, but am not 100% sure if it is a later copy or not. The quality of work is just much lower than usual, and there are too many black spots on the white glaze. At the time such vases were made there shouldn't be that many spots.

The pine and willow trees are roughly executed, much more they would normally be, the house looks unfinished, and the X shapes on the back should be birds. Not sure what I should think of this...

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