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Chinese or European?

by Ping

Hi Peter,

I have large bowl blue and white the pattern looks like Chinese.
Can you help me to identify this is Chinese or European?

Is this old ?


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by: Snap

Agree with Peter that this is European. The English in particular produced huge numbers of tableware sets with printed designs like yours, from the middle 19th century into the 1920s or so. Most of these were earthenware, not porcelain, but there were also large platters and serving pieces with printed designs on stoneware as well as tableware sets. You can tell if your piece is porcelain if it is translucent when held up to a strong light. Stoneware and earthenware do not allow light through. Unmarked pieces may have been sold as part of dinnerware sets that had country of origin marked on the shipping carton, particularly in the 20th century. They were widely sold in department stores.

by: peter

Looks like European Chinoiserie to me. Cannot tell you anything about the age of European porcelain, I'm afraid.

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