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chinese mark - BW bowl

by John

Hello Peter,

Firstly I want thank you for your help with the two vases
(tongzhi and blue and white).

I have still two pieces where I gladly would know something of.

1,what is the mark on the plate?
2,what could be the age of the bowl?

Thanks in advance,and sorry to disturb your again

Best regards,John

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Jul 16, 2010
by: peter

The mark says "Lin Zhen-Fa Zhi" (made by Lin Zhen-Fa), the latter being a name.

The bowl...a bit difficult for me as it is at the limit of my range.
The decoration looks more like Ming dynasty to me, but the glaze at the bottom could be later. So, I would say it is either Ming or Qing (Kangxi) dynasty. Good bowl.
Please be sure to ask for a second opinion with this bowl. I am not sure if this sort of glazed bottom did exist in the Ming dynasty.

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