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Chinese Large Jar almost a meter blue and white

by Prabhu Kafle
(Sydney, Australia)

hi i would like to know more about this jar which i recently purchases for 1000 USD. sorry that my camera skills are not escellent. will do my best later. but i have three pictures hope this will help.

The jar is large and big. the lenght is almost 1 meter or 85 - 90 cm in lenght. the jar is very very heave and requires two people to lift it. the base of the jar has a clay color. there are different symbols like the yin yang all over and bamboo in the pot with scrolls , chinese old window like a grid as seen in the pics, lotus flower and flowers endless knot symbol and more. it's all over the vase and also there are kind of small bulging kind of handles in the upper and bottom part of jar. looks like made up of mixture of clay, stones and porcelains. on the lid of the jar there is also a foo dog. the painting in the jar is not that perfect but looks like someone did an experiment in the old days.

i just hope that i didn't buy something not it's worth as i travelled around 1500 kilometers to pick it up in a small town. cheers.

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