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chinese kraak blue & white porcelain

by Barbara Bojorquez
(Saltillo, MS USA)

Chinese Blue & White Dish....Ming???

Chinese Blue & White Dish....Ming???

I have a Wanli Kraak Blue & White Porcelain Plate and need any information or comments on it. Also am interested in finding the value of this type piece.

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Jun 30, 2011
Kraak Plate
by: Werner Troesch

This plate is ok. Early 17 th C exportware to Europe, probably Holland. The hanging in iron looks original and dates to 19 th C. Plates of this size go for USD. 500.-

Nov 03, 2010
kraak plate
by: peter

I would recommend you visit
This is probably the best place on the web with information on Kraak porcelain.
Please also check out the fake Kraak information.
One of the points to check is the plate rim. In genuine Ming Kraak porcelain the rim of the plate frequently shows spots where the glaze does not cover the clay body. If there are none, it could have been made later. There are also copies made in the Qing dynasty which do not seem to have these glaze defects.

You will find a good indication on prices on the site above, but please note price may differ widely depending on type and quality of decoration.

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