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Chinese Jar about 18 inches tall

by thompant
(Elverson, U.S.A.)

I purchased this jar and a vase, From an antique dealer. He said he got them from an estate sale about 25 years ago. I would like to know anything you can tell me about them

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Nov 23, 2010
What is it about the Jar.......
by: thompant

that you believe it is not very old?
I spoke to the antique dealer, I purchased it from. I told him, you didn't believe the jar to be very old. He has the receipt, from a Philadelphia, USA Estate sale, dated 1982. The Estate dealer said, the original owner, purchased this jar along with a vase, on one of his trips to Japan in the 1920's. Both pieces have the same mark.
Trying to clear up my confusion. I reread,
the other web page, It did not say, this mark was a 20th century mark. Some of the other marks shown, were 20th century.
The jar has crazing on it. In the photos,you can see some crazing on the jar lid. If I had cleaned the surface, the crazing would be easier to see. I was afraid of ruining my treasure. LOL
As for the subject and colors on the Jar. Only an expert, such as you, Peter, is able to know if they are not of the time period. I am very thankful for your time and expertise.
Thank you, for your blog. I have bookmarked this blog, and will be a regular visitor.
Thank you

Nov 18, 2010
by: peter

Please read the page about marks, specifically the parts in the light blue boxes.
Looking or identifying a mark does not help at all with Chinese porcelain.
There are lots of porcelain items with genuine looking marks but which were really made at a later time.
If you look at the few Yongzheng marks at Gotheborg you will see that the description says that they are 20th century.

The marks of Yongzheng are mostly NOT Zhuanshu marks, but there are a few. The only one in red Zhuanshu characters I know of is NOT a six character mark but a framed seal mark.

Anyway, the decoration is nor right for any antique Chinee porcelain. To me it looks more like 20th century (probably second half) or even new.

Please always ask for a second opinion.

Nov 18, 2010
To my understanding, this mark was used in later years of this reign
by: thompant

I found the mark on this vase, at ......

It shows the same mark as the one on my vase,

During the latter part of the Yongzheng period the zhuanshu seal mark was introduced.

This web page, also states, the colors and subject were introduced during Yongzheng reign.
Colors in my photos, have a slight diffrerence to the true colors of vase.
I hope this information will help.

Nov 17, 2010
Chinese Lidded Jar
by: peter

This vase is recent. It can be at the most a few decades old. The mark is a spurious Yongzhen Reign mark. Yongzheng marks werent made this way, usually.
The painting style and color combination is modern.

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