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Chinese Jar about 18 inches tall ...... added Photos

by thompant
(Elverson, U.S.A.)

Close up photos of mark and crazing.
Thank you

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Nov 23, 2010
lidded jar
by: peter

Hi again,

Did you pay a lot for this jar? Please be careful, many Chinese antiques are not all what they seem to be.
I wish you would go to some place like the forum or a professional appraiser to get an unbiased opinion.
My opinion remains the same, it has to be 20th century judging from the painting style, if it is Chinese.
If it is Japanese, it is a wholly different matter as its ceramics development in the last 200 years was not at all similar to that of China.
Again, the mark is completely irrelevant as to its age as spurious marks were used for decoration for more than 300 years, and still are today. All Chinese porcelain collectors know that.
BTW, the bottom of your item also gives a clear indication as to its possible age range.

Just get another opinon, elsewhere,please. That is how antiques people do it. And don't ask those who sold it to you. They are biased. Also read the top of in view to provenance. We don't rely on it because there is too much false provenance. is a good place with knowledgable people both in Chinese and Japanense art. What is more important, they are unbiased. Ask in that forum.
And, if you believe your item is valuable, ask a specialist appraiser. That is the best way to go.

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