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Chinese dishes from South China Sea

by Darrell
(Pattaya Thailand)

There is a dealer here in town (Thailand) whom has a number of plates. Some of which still have barnacles attached. He says a friend has dove on a wreck in the South China Sea and retrieved these pieces. He has quite a few of different sizes and variety. They are beautiful. I will go back armed with a camera and leave a photo here. I noticed one of the pieces (smaller vase-?) has a blue swastika painted in the bottom-a very simple one. Most of the other pieces seem to have some sort of blue leaf. The china seems to be beautifully handpainted-blue colors....Does this sound like from any certain period? Thank you and pictures later.

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May 20, 2010
Thank you
by: Darrell

I appreciate your time and will do much more research. This is all a bit new and fascinating to me.

May 19, 2010
shipwreck ceramics
by: peter


I invite you to do a search for "Nanhai Marine Archaeology" on Google and visit their website.
This is better than my second-hand answer.
Anyway, you will find on their site that wrecks in the South China Sea cover at least 1000 years.

Recommended is also that you read their pages regarding fake shipwreck porcelain (no doubt made in SE Asia), located somewhere on their site, with pictures before you buy anything.

I'm afraid without specialist knowledge regarding shipwreck ceramics it may be difficult to distinguish genuine from fake ones, and it will be even more difficult without actually handling the item. You should also be aware that buying from unproven or irregular sources makes you vulnerable to fakes.

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