chinese crackle charger

by alexis heins
(virginia, usa)

I purchased an interesting charger at an antique shop. It is has a mark on the back with a date of 1426 to 1435 (or so my Japanese friends tell me).

It is of crackle design and heavy for porcelain.

The main image in the center is a white, crackled, high gloss dragon-horse. The image itself sits above the base plate. The picture depicts the dragon-horse jumping over a mountain range.

Also visible on the charger (with the dragon-horse hoofs leveled), at about 11:00 o'clock and 2:00 o;clock, is what appears to be "clouds" that look like dragon faces.

There are two other "clouds" also touting faces (one at about 9:30 the other at about 3:30) both behind mountains.

At the bottom of the plate is what appears to be dragon claws.

I am so out of my element. Have you every seen anything like this item? Please let me know.

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by: peter

I can't see the faces you mention, but it is not important, I think.
I have difficulties seeing a clear the overall picture/scenery of the decoration. I'm pretty sure that this is a newer item pretending to be antique.
The Ming dynasty mark, tone of the white glaze, the red (underglaze) color, the wavy glaze of the bottom all do not fit together.
But before all the foot rim would be wrong for that era.
Crackles can be and ARE made artificially, which probably is the case here.
Further, if the brown rim is color glaze and not a metal rim, then this also gives it away as something newer. While some brown rims were made in the Qing dynasty, they were not as thick and dark as this one seems to be.

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