Chinese cobalt blue vases

by Alladin

Chinese cobalt blue vase

Chinese cobalt blue vase

We have a Chinese cobalt blue vase brought from china at beginning of C20th by protestant missionaries, being expelled in the wake of the Boxer Uprising & held in that same family ever since.

We are just trying to work out its history and value, and any help would be greatly appricated.

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circle(s) on base
by: peter

Please provide picture of circle on base, under natural lighting, please.

Thank you
by: Alladin

The only mark I can see is on the base and its a teal blue circle, similar to a fine brushstroke. ill try and get a better photo its a bit blown out. We know its authentic as its been in the family all this time.

It would be good to know the relation of the dragon, and its unique shape with the over lapping lip around the bowl section as well.

by: peter

Does the vase have a mark? From the shape it could be late Qing dynasty.
If you are sure about its age and authenticity, I would try to get a proper valuation or appraisal. We can only help identifying items or evaluate authenticity, but cannot help with its value.

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