Chinese Christian BookMarks and Figurine

by Jack

This came from a garage sale about 10 years ago. My guess is it is not very old, maybe mid 1900's. Whats your opinion?

I submit this as I am interested in the Bookmarks which fit in the stand the figurines right hand is touching. These book marks are quite old. The English Text on the Bookmarks is 1 John 4-8. There are also Chinese characters which I cant read.
Can anyone translate these characters?

Are these religious Figurines with Chinese Bookmarks common?

Interestingly there is a white on white 2 character chop on towards the bottom of the figurine. It won't photo, but if anyone is interested I can trace and send.

Also, the bottom is signed, with a bad photo attached. Hard to read in the photo, but if there is any interest, I'll try to get a better photo.

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by: peter

This is Japanese not Chinese...

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