Chinese Charger Plate

by Veronica Blackman
(El Sobrante, CA, USA)

Chinese Charger Plate

Chinese Charger Plate

Chinese Charger Plate Charger Plate Face Sparrow Edge


I am trying to ascertain the period and marking on this beautiful plate I am in possession of. The porcelain plate is blue and white with a dark brown, pie crust edge. It is 16" in diameter and weighs about 5 lbs. It has a one sparrow at the top of the plate and beautiful flowers like gardenias or crysanthemums with a patterned or geometric fence behind it.

I asked several people about the marking and one person out of about 10 said the symbol means Tool or Utensil. Can you assist me?



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Found additional information
by: Veronica Blackman

Your information was very helpful. I was able to find this link:

I believe this plate is called a Japanese Porcelain IGEZARA Charger Plate and it is of the Taisho period. Thanks again.

Japanese plate
by: Snap

Peter is quite right about where made. There was at least one Japanese company producing transfer-printed wares with brown-colored 'piecrust' edges around 1920+. Sorry, do not recall name. Not likely to be a 19th century product.

by: Veronica Blackman


I appreciate your feedback and will use your words accordingly.

Best regards,
Veronica Blackman

by: peter

In my opinion this is Japanese, and transfer printed, not hand painted. This doesn't preclude that it could be antique. Japan used transfer printing since the 19th century. China much later.
Unfortunately, the impressed mark is written in a fancy character style and is difficult to read. But, I cannot see any similarity to the character of "tool". It rather resembles another one, but not sure...
I would try to find it in a collection of Japanese marks of the Meiji, Taisho or Showa periods.

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