Chinese Charger Identification

by Charles Robinson
(Salisbury UK)

My wife and I bought several items while in the Far East we have contacted local auction houses in the UK to try to indentify and value them but have not been convinced that the people know what they are talking about.

Please have a look at the three pictures attached the charger is quite heavy and dence and if you run your finger over the glaze you can feel the pattern beneath.

We bought this item in the Philippines

Charles and Divina Robinson

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Sep 09, 2011
Chinese Charger
by: Charles

thank you Peter, I suspected as much, ill just cover it with turky at christmas then!

Sep 09, 2011
by: peter

The decoration on top imitates a Song/Yuan dynasty decoration in two colors, which they would not have had, then, as far as I know.

The bottom and mark is a fantasy creation. These are impossible, I'm afraid. This item would be insufficient to go as a fake as the item shows too many inconsistencies in comparison to antiques. Just a decorative piece, in my view.

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