Chinese ceramics from shipwreck

by Soewandi

Hi Peter,

I got several Chinese ceramics found from shipwreck when Michael Hatcher illegally excavated shipwrecks in one of Indonesia seas several years ago. He hired and rent the local Indonesian divers. He found gold ornamented with carved dragon.

Hundres of blue-white wares are salty sense and attached with some sea shells like attachment. Are they from 18th or 19th century?



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Aug 20, 2011
blue and white bowls
by: peter

Hi, such blue and white bowls were made at least since the 18th century thru the 19th and 20th centuries. I don't know whether this specific type is from the 18th century or later.
Is possible, but I don't know much about them.

Generally, these wares have little collecting or other value. They were made by non-mainstream kilns for the general population (possibly in southern kilns) and have features that would not have been present in main-stram kiln items of the time. Like, for example, a ring inside without glaze, which is because the bowls were stacked for firing, one inside the other.
These bowls were mainly for the general population. I said they have little value because for having value an item must be handpainted. These all seem to have been stamped with the decoration, instead of being painted.

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