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Chinese Celadon Porcelain Cache Pot or Jardiniere

by Sal Kahil
(Vancouver BC Canada)

Chinese Jardiniere whole

Chinese Jardiniere whole

I live in Chinatown in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I went for a walk in my neighborhood. A Chinese family was moving and I saw this jardiniere in their backyard. So I asked her to sell it to me and she did.
It is unique. the faces are open underneath and they are like handles to lift the jardiniere. So the face and the Chinese words on it caught my attention.
it is 9" high x 16" diameter
The same question as usual: period and the maker?
is it celadon?
Any information are very appreciated .

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Florist or garden ware
by: Snap

Peter is quite right, maker not identifiable and since probably quite recently made, not important. Could be product of Guangzhou, China, where much garden and florist ware is made. It does not have color or other jade-like characteristics of 'celadon' glaze.

by: peter

How could anyone know the maker, unless he bought a similar one? There are at the very least several thousand of manufacturers producing ceramics, in China. And there is nothing apart from the Chinese looking characters that means it must have been made there.

In my view this looks relatively new. It could have been a present, including the potted plant. I think so because of the auspicious character on the outside.

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