Chinese cabbage and butterfly vases

by Susan Noonan
(Jacksonville, FL, US)

I have two vases, one small and one large but with the same butterfly and cabbage pattern. The small vase is approximately 6" tall, the large vase is approximately 9 1/2" tall. I am interested in learning more about them, especially approximately how old they are and who might have made them. They images are not just painted on, they have a dimensional effect, please see photos. I would appreciate any information at all about my vases.

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Feb 02, 2012
cabbage vases
by: peter

The enamels show that this is handpainted. From the quality of work I would think it is late Qing dynasty, but I am not sure because of the Tongzhi mark. While many Guangxu items had a Tongzhi mark applied, the mark isn't of this type, usually.

In addition, the white glaze is too white for that period, in my view.
Snow white glazes were more common in the Guangxu reign and later.
For this reason I can only tell you that this probably is about late Qing dynasty to early republic. In other words, early 20th century.

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