Chinese burial tea set

by Alan
(Maidenhead, UK)

Hi, I bought this tea set during a business trip to Shanghai in the 1980s to support a US partner company. We were accompanied by a US university Professor of Antiquities who had been brought along by the US company to act as translator. Whilst in Shanghai we visited the antique area and he advised me to buy the items in the tea set in the photograph, which came from a number of different stalls - although the patterns appear to match. The mark on 2 of the drinking cups are the same, but although I can see similarities between the other objects they are look slightly different. I have uploaded 3 of the marks for a cup, teapot & bowl. Be grateful for any interpretation that can be given, plus an idea of age - as I have forgotten what he told me at the time I bought them.
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Jan 08, 2012
tea set
by: peter

These pictures show at least four teapots, a vase, and a container I cannot clearly see what it is.
Not a tea set per se, but rather an accumulation of similarly made items.
The pictures are too small to see the type of clay or any decoration. Also, a picture of the bottom would be of advantage.

This could be Tiesha ware from Yixing, but not sure with these pictures. The marks seem to be Kangxi reign marks, but if that is indeed Yixing ware, it would be improbabe that it is antique. Yixing wares mostly use artisan's or manufacturer's marks, not reign marks.

I also cannot see why these should be burial ware, although such possibility cannot be discounted. Generally, burial items were either a deceased person's own items, or items especially made for burial. These items all look more or less the same as if they were fake antiques made in the same place, to be sold through various sellers. I also cannot see why genuineburial wares would have a Kangxi reign mark.
As you state they were bought at different stalls, this looks very suspicious.

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