Chinese Brass Bowl

by Mr J Cook
(Kent, England)

On bottom of bowl (external)

On bottom of bowl (external)

On bottom of bowl (external) On bottom of bowl (internal)

Can anyone help identify the marks on this brass bowl, it age, use and origins. It is approx. 9.5inches in diameter and weighs around 5.5lbs.
Thank you.

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non-porcelain queries
by: peter

Thanks for mentioning this, Snap. Actually, for a while now I have been contemplating whether a forum or blog that concerns non-ceramic items would be useful.
If there is a need that is... What do YOU think regarding this? Would be interested to know your view. Perhaps, you could send me your thoughts via the site contact form, if you do not want to post here?
The precondition for such a blog or forum would be that 'no' answers are given if nobody knows the answer.
With ceramics, currently an answer is given in almost 95% of queries, but I would expect that an additional forum would have a lower percentage.
I have only average knowledge of Chinese bronze or brass, for example, and may not be able to answer in many cases.

Question about brass ware on site about Porcelain
by: Snap

While Peter most kindly provided the basic information about your piece, do note that it is usually helpful and courteous to note the subject of a website and forum. In this case, the topic is "Collecting Antique Chinese Porcelain." Persons who post questions about other items should not expect a reply.

by: peter

This is Chinese, new, and a censer.

The mark is irrevelant as they use marks from hundreds of years ago even now on new censers.
The mark is Yuan ?? Neizao (not sure about character replaced with ??). The mark is spurious and only for decoration.

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