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Chinese Blue & White Pottery

by Peter Hoy
(Kamuela, Hawaii USA)

Ginger Jar1

Ginger Jar1

Can you identify (age, etc.), or tell me anything about the attached Blue & White Ginger Jar (marked), and Bowl and Vase (unmarked)?
Thanks very much...

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Jul 18, 2010
BW porcelain items
by: peter

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The "bowl" looks more like a censer to me. Anyway the bottoms of this one and the vase look old. The vase possibly being Qing from the bit of decoration visible. If you could upload more pictures of the decoration it is easier to make sure.

I don't have that specific Kangxi mark in my books, but it might well be that it does exist.
However, with the ginger jar I have some doubts. More pictures of decoration, details of person's faces and the whole bottom/foot rim would be required. In these pictures it doesn't look very old, but the photographs are too small to see clear.

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