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Chinese blue and white plate, unglazed base, how old?!

by Maxwell Levy
(Essex, UK)

top of plate

top of plate

Hi there,
I have a Chinese plate, decorated in underglaze blue with a central mythical beast, possibly a Qilin, surrounded by traditional flowers and foliage, with geometric border and a brown rim. To the underside is further foliate decoration and the base itself is unglazed.

The style looks early to me, but the porcelain is very even. I have no idea how old this is, it came from a person who had a collection of various Chinese porcelain and pottery from 1920s export to 17th century South China Seas shipwreck! any help would be greatly appreciated! I think it measures approximately 16cm across.

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More pics
by: Max

Many thanks for the info, it's definitely not shipwreck like their other pieces. I'll try and upload some more pictures today! Many thanks again!

plate / bowl/ basin?
by: peter

The decoration looks quite different from all I know. If possible, could you upload detail pictures (closeups) of the decoration and glaze with a new submission?

Straightforward said, I have some doubts about this item. First it is the decoration I have never seen. Further, although the bottom looks genuine, the whiteness of the glaze is different from the type of porcelain which usually has an unglazed bottom.
Close-up pictures of any blemishes or manufacturing/firing faults would help with evaluation. From these pictures it doesn't seem that this is a shipwreck item. Usually, I would expect some glaze loss from wreck items. Can you see any sediment or maritime growth? Any usage scratches?

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