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Dec 22, 2010
by: peter

Hi Maurice,
In my view this is either 20th century export porcelain made in China or European porcelain copying a Chinese subject.

I will explain below.
1. The phoenix decoration looks Chinese
2. The "frame" shape and decoration looks European
3. Hanging plaques directly on the wall (there is a hole) is a European feature, Chinese usually would put the plaque in a wooden frame.
4. It appears to have no mark.
5. I cannot see any relevant age signs on the front side.
6. The enlarged back makes me really suspicious that it is made to look old.

If it were European, it would be more likely 19th century, but it would most likely have a mark somewhere.

I cannot make my mind up what it is, but what makes me really think it is newer is its back.

The long parallel scratches point to the use of a tool for scratching. Porcelain is rather hard and scratches from handling wouldn't be so deep and long. Further, natural scratches do usually go every which way.
The color of the back looks darker than usual, as it if it were made to fake age. The plaques I have seen with an age of 100 years or over seldom are that darkened.
Therefore, its back makes me suspect it is more recent, made in China.

Nice item, by the way ...

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