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Chinese antiques?

by Long F

Hi Peter;
I bought these items from a 2nd hand Sunday market near us. We thought they look really beautiful (except for the plates which look a bit rough).

Can you tell me if they were antiques at all?

Here are the large photos:


Small Vase:

2 X plates:

Thanks a lot!

Long F

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vase and plates
by: peter

After evaluating the larger pictures I have to amend my comment.
The shape is slightly deviating from traditional shapes of such vases, it seems to be a sort of Guanyin vase/bottle. The glaze shines too much (賊光 in Chinese). Further, the painting style also does not quite look as if it were one of the traditional styles of the Qing dynasty or the period following afterwards, the early republic. I cannot completely deny the possibility that it could be antique, but without handling it and inspecting with a magnifier...
On the other hand, in these pictures the bottom looks as if it could have some age.
However, as we usually have to conclude the age by the most recent feature of an item, not by the oldest, it would be safest to assume that it is perhaps not antique. If you have an opportunity, I would show it to an experienced collector or antique dealer near you.

As with the plates, the reverse side confirms that they are Kangxi plates. Still the best in this lot, I think.

blue and white porcelain
by: peter

I'm afraid the images at the web address provided are all thumbnails, even smaller than those posted here.

I can give you some preliminary information. From the current pictures it seems the first one could be Chinese. Would need close-ups of decoration and bottom to evaluate whether it is antique.

The second one looks as if it were either (1) not Chinese, or (2) if Chinese, then it would have to be 20th century (not antique probably). The floral decoration could as well be European, but I'm not sure if it also could be SE Asian.

The third one is antique. (BTW, what do you mean with "rough"? Roughly made or the plates' condition is rough?)
Anyway, these are the best ones, age-wise, in my view. They look like Kangxi or Qianlong period export porcelain. A closeup picture of the foot might allow confirming this.

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