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Chinese 14" Shallow Bowl

by Jeanne
(Lexington, KY, USA)

Chinese bowl

Chinese bowl

Attached a images of my Chinese bowl. The pattern on the inside of the bowl is not only painted but seems to etched as well in the details. The outside of the bowl has roses painted on it and has a red square mark on the bottom. Is this a Rose Medallion bowl? Approx age or value?

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Thank you both
by: Jeanne

Thanks to both of you for the info on my Chinese bowl. It is such a pleasure to have a blog as this to verify the authenticity of our China. Keep up the good work!

by: Snap

Just in addition to Peter's central reply - beginning in the 19th century Chinese factories produced rather hastily-decorated enameled wares for export, in a series of related 'patterns' called (by Western wholesalers) Rose Medallion, Rose Canton, and Rose Mandarin.

They were mostly dinnerware sets, and were made in large quantities at least into the 1920s. After World War II there were a couple of revivals of production of the same sort of wares, with noticeable lower-quality decoration.

Buyers were attracted to the crowded decoration and bright colors. The market, mainly to USA, was the same as that for the enamel and 'gold' wares mistakenly called 'Satsuma' in the West (mostly products of Kyoto-area factories, but the history is complicated).

There are a few who 'collect' the antique versions of this pattern group. This forum is not intended to discuss monetary values or appraisals.

by: peter

I don't know if that could be classified as Rose Medallion as it looks just too new.
The painting style of the people, especially the faces indicates that this was made in the last couple of decades at the most, I'm afraid.

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