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Chines vase

by Irene

Chinese vase

Chinese vase

Hello, Peter! What could you tell about this vase. Thank

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Aug 19, 2010
Red Flower Vase
by: peter

Somebody has heaped (a lot more than usual) pictures of items symbolic to the Chinese unto this vase as decoration.
The foot rim seems to show some age, but I don't think that the painting can be older than a few decades. It could be accident, but it could also indicate faking... adding a new decoration to an old, simple porcelain body, to falsely give the item more value.

The geometrical cloud motifs in the yellow bands are not aligned and quite crude even for an imitation. Here too, it could just be that someone was imitating Asian motifs. Newer Chinese porcelain made in China has quite good decoration.

Please have a look at "Can you tell me the age and value of this set?" in this Blog. It shows the cloud decoration as they look usually. This is modern or vintage Chinese porcelain.

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