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Chenghua little Jar? no marks. need expert

by Danny

I have bought this from an estate sales 5 years ago. It resembles a lot to the Chenghua lotus jar, but this one has no mark.

The glaze is very smooth and oily, has very very fine crackle all over. You got to get really close to see it. I have trouble dating this little guy.

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Jul 02, 2011
Thank you
by: Danny

for the input, Pete. Yeah, It is very hard to find any expert with authoritaed experience over Chinese porcelain in Houston.

Jul 02, 2011
by: peter

No expert here, but in my humble opinion this looks not old enough to be Ming dynasty. At least if I compare with my pieces. But the pictures may not give the actual impression. Hope you find someone to do a hands-on inspection to make sure.
I have also never seen this decoration. Did you find a similar one in Ming patterns?
Please do not rely on crackling alone, as this is frequently faked and cannot serve as a reliable age sign.

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