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Sep 12, 2011
by: peter

Closeups should be something like here, and they can be partial pictures:
You can see the details with this one.

But, what I meant in my other comment to your first post is that this type of item is beyond my capabilities.
I couldn't possibly be sure if this was authentic or fake. It is too rare. Probably, even for major auction houses and museums it might be difficult to authenticate them.
If you do a Google image search for "blue and white song yuan dynasty" you will find plates with similar decorations as yours.

These are top level ceramics, which only few people ever see except behind glass in museums.
As far as I know the number of such ceramics actually known, and which are still complete, are in the hundreds (at the best in the thousands, worldwide) the rest is known as shards only.
They are the subject of numerous fakes (both low and top quality fakes) and are sold everywhere online.

Though, I cannot help you with authenticating it, I can comment on the color of the bottom of your charger.
From your pictures the color of the red color of the bottom looks unnatural, the color is too intense.

The above is my personal opinion. Please ask for a second opinion.
And sorry for being unable to help more with this.

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