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Ceramic Paste Pot with Lid

by ctyam2003

Hi Peter here ar more pics of the item I posted earlier. All information on era and description most welcome!

Thanks always,


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orange peel glaze
by: peter

Hi James,
As far as I understand in the Qing dynasty it is Daoguang and Guangxu. But, possibly not in-between the two.

orange peel texture
by: James

Hi Peter,

It is interesting about this orange peel texture. In your experience what period(s) does this indicate? Thank you very much.

porcelain box
by: peter

This is most likely a seal ink box.

The color is lighter and the strokes less dense than those of similar items I have seen. (I have seen such a decoration on vases only.)
There is a Jiaqing mark, but the orange peel bottom would have been more likely in a later period.
The foot rim looks okay as far as I can see.

I would need to do a hands-on inspection to make sure.

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