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Celadon Vase

by Ruud
(the Netherlands)

Hi Peter,

I presented this vase before, but now I have been able to identify the imprinted reign mark as being qianlong.This thanks to the fact that I could compare this mark in red from another item on your site with the imprinted mark on this vase: they are identical.
You commented earlier that this vase appears to be moulded earthenware and not porcelain.
I wonder whether you can provide further comments on this vase now that the imprinted mark is known.Could it be old after all?

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Mar 30, 2011
by: peter

Hi Ruud,
The conclusion remains the same.
The mark makes it even more improbable. With a Qianlong mark it must be Qianlong reign or later.
But, at that time in the Qing dynasty most celadons were already made with a porcelain body. The foot rim shows the color of brown or brownish pottery clay. And the foot rim looks pretty new, that is, too smooth and uniform in color to be very old, I'm afraid.

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