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Celadon Vase

by Ruud

Hi peter,I am very interested to learn your opinion on this celadon vase.
The Reign mark impression on the bottom is unfortunately difficult to read. the height is: 11,4 inch, width appr. 7,2 inch . Thanks in advance.

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Feb 17, 2011
Celadon Vase
by: Ruud

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comments on my vase.I agree with you that it is difficult to tell whether this vase is old or new. I have not yet seen a similar vase for comparison.

Feb 15, 2011
by: peter

Hi Ruud,
I'm not so comfortable with pottery items of this sort, I must say. The first impression I get is that it is new. The foot rim doesn't seem right to me.

Also, this is not a carved item, it was made in a mold. My impression is that antique molded items have a less intricate decoration. To me it seems the decoration is too complex for such an item.
What do you think?

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